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    Bremen Birth Injury Lawyer

    A birth injury occurs when an infant sustains bodily harm before, during, or immediately after a mother goes into labor. Not only can these injuries be life-threatening to a baby, but they can have long-term effects on the mother as well.

    If a doctor’s negligence caused your baby to sustain injuries during the delivery process, you may have a viable claim for damages. A Bremen birth injury lawyer could assist you in filing a claim and pursuing fair compensation for your losses. More importantly, an experienced attorney could help you assert your rights in court against the responsible party.

    What are Birth Injuries?

    Birth trauma can occur as the mother is giving birth to her child or immediately following delivery. Some circumstances that may lead to birth injuries include:

    • The baby was not head-first in the birth canal
    • Premature birth
    • Difficult labor
    • Cesarean delivery
    • The usage of devices such as vacuum or forceps for delivering the baby

    Infants with birth injuries may experience swelling or bruising on their head, bleeding underneath one of their cranial bones, nerve damage to the arms, hands, or face, or a fractured clavicle. It is important to understand that these injuries are different from congenital disabilities, where an infant suffers harm while in the womb.

    In birth injury claims, multiple parties may be held responsible for a child’s bodily harm. For example, the doctor who delivered the child may be liable if they did not exercise proper care. Or, the hospital may be responsible if the administration improperly trained or supervised the doctor who oversaw the birth of the child. A seasoned Breman attorney could help a mother or father determine if they have a valid birth injury lawsuit and identify who may be the responsible party.

    Recoverable Damages

    In a birth injury lawsuit, claimants may be able to recover compensation for the medical bills and expenses they accrued due to their child’s injury. Parents also may able to pursue damages for their legal fees, travel expenses, and emotional losses, such as pain and suffering.

    In general, a claimant’s compensatory award depends on their specific situation and the injuries that their child suffered. A birth trauma attorney in Bremen could assess an infant’s injuries and their parent’s losses to evaluate the amount of compensation they may be able to pursue.

    Statute of Limitations

    According to Official Georgia Code Annotated §9-3-73(b), the statute of limitations does not apply to a birth trauma claim until the child’s fifth birthday. Then, a parent has two years following their child’s fifth birthday to file their claim. It is important to note that there are some notable exceptions to this statutory deadline. If a claimant fails to meet the applicable statute of limitations, they may risk losing the opportunity to recover compensation. A diligent lawyer could assist a claimant in filing their birth injury case according to the Bremen deadline.

    Consult with a Bremen Birth Injury Attorney

    If your infant suffered bodily harm during delivery, a Bremen birth injury lawyer could assist you with your claim against the negligent medical care provider. An attorney could identify who may be at fault in addition to assessing the value of your case.

    Additionally, a legal professional could work to ensure that you meet all legal deadlines associated with your lawsuit. To consult an attorney concerning your child’s birth injury claim, call today.