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    Bremen Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    Paralysis can impact a person’s ability to work, provide for their family, and take care of themselves. All of these factors can make these conditions even more frustrating and stressful. If you or a loved one suffered a devastating accident that left you paralyzed, you should seek legal assistance to help you ease the stress of your situation.

    A Bremen paralysis injury lawyer could help you fight for the financial aid you may be entitled to under the law. Because of the complexity of these claims, finding an attorney could be vital to the outcome of your case.

    Potential Causes of Paralysis

    Paralysis conditions vary depending on the severity. Some of these injuries may be temporary with the right physical therapy, while others can be permanent. Some injuries that may lead to paralysis include:

    • Neck injuries
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Nerve damage
    • Head and brain trauma
    • Stroke
    • Cerebral palsy

    A person may sustain these injuries in a severe car wreck, a workplace accident, or from a dangerous condition on another person’s property. Regardless of the cause, a Bremen paralysis injury attorney could build a case for damages against the responsible party.

    Legal Grounds for Filing a Paralysis Injury Claim

    There several legal theories on which a lawyer in Bremen may base a paralysis injury claim. One is that a party was negligent, and therefore, acted in a way that violated their duty of care. Another potential argument that an attorney could make is that the defendant intentionally harmed the plaintiff.

    Cases Based on Negligence

    Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-1-2, people have a duty of care to act reasonably so as not to cause harm to others. This is known as the default rule. If an individual’s unreasonable behavior causes another person to become paralyzed, the negligent party may be liable to compensate the injured claimant.

    Some paralysis cases occur because of something that goes wrong during surgery or doctor’s malpractice. Medical care professionals owe a higher duty of care while they practice than a random individual. If a doctor fails to meet this standard of care and causes a patient to become paralyzed, this person may have a viable claim against their treating physician.

    Cases Based on Intentional Violent Acts

    If a defendant caused someone to become paralyzed because of an intentional violent act, the court may allow this claimant to recover extra damages to punish the tortfeasor, as noted in O.C.G.A. §51-1-13. It is important to understand that the charges that a person brings in a civil claim are different than the charges the government may bring in a criminal case. This means that the attacker could be liable to pay civil damages and could face criminal punishment as well for assault.

    Contact a Bremen Paralysis Injury Attorney

    After becoming paralyzed, many aspects of your life could change and you may incur significant costs as a result. A Bremen paralysis injury lawyer could help through this difficult time by holding the negligent party accountable for their careless actions. To get started on your claim, call today.