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    Bremen Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

    Side-impact car accidents can be some of the most devastating motor vehicle collisions. They typically occur when the front of one vehicle violently crashes into the side of another, injuring or potentially killing one or more passengers. Despite the use of modern safety technologies, these wrecks account for roughly one-quarter of all passenger vehicle fatalities in the United States each year.

    Contact a Bremen side-impact car accident lawyer if either you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a T-bone collision. A seasoned car wreck attorney could maximize your chances of being awarded compensation and holding the at-fault driver legally accountable.

    Causes of Side-Impact Car Accidents

    Most T-bone collisions occur because one or more motorist violates a traffic law or recklessly operates their vehicle. For instance, barreling through a red light or past a stop sign is incredibly dangerous driving behavior and one of the leading causes of side-impact car wrecks.

    A side-impact accident may take place when a driver attempts to make a left-hand turn without properly yielding to oncoming traffic. According to traffic laws, drivers turning left must yield to traffic traveling in the opposite direction until it is safe to proceed.

    However, not every T-bone accident happens at an intersection. Speeding, drunk driving, distracted operation of a motor vehicle, and driving too fast in poor weather conditions are additional ways that these wrecks may potentially occur. A skilled attorney in Bremen could determine the cause of a side-impact crash and decide how to pursue a claim based on this information.

    Potential Injuries in T-Bone Accident

    In Bremen, being involved in even a relatively minor side-impact auto wreck can leave someone seriously injured and badly in need of help from an attorney. Those hurt in these accidents may suffer the following types of injuries:

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Any blunt force delivered to the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). Head trauma can have anywhere from mild, temporary symptoms to severe effects that cause debilitating cognitive problems.


    Whiplash is a type of injury frequently that is caused by an abrupt forward and/or backward jerking motion of the neck. Whiplash can have significant side-effects that result in costly medical treatment.

    Broken Bones

    An injured driver may pursue compensation for broken bones, as it is common in this type of accident for limbs to be slammed into the door, dashboard, or other parts of the car.

    Internal Bleeding

    Blunt force trauma can cause internal bleeding. Symptoms of internal bleeding vary widely depending on the location and severity of the hemorrhage. It can lead to hemorrhagic shock or death if not promptly treated.

    Speak with a Bremen Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

    Being injured in a T-bone auto wreck can be a terrifying experience with lifelong consequences. Still, state law provides a means by which you can obtain compensation for all your expenses and losses. Contact a knowledgeable and dedicated Bremen side-impact car accident lawyer today to begin exploring your available legal options.