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    Birmingham Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

    Any type of motor vehicle accident can be traumatic and result in serious injuries, especially those involving trucks. Due to their larger size and weight, trucks may be prone to accidents that are not common in other motor vehicles. One of the most devastating types of truck collision is a jackknifing accident. A skilled Birmingham jackknife truck accident lawyer may be able to help you get compensation if you experienced injuries in this type of accident. Let a seasoned truck collision attorney fight for your right to compensation.

    What is a Jackknife Truck Collision?

    Jackknife truck accidents are most common when a tractor-trailer cab hauls a trailer behind it. However, other commercial trucks may also have jackknife truck accidents if they are carrying a trailer. A jackknife truck accident occurs when the two separate parts of the truck, the cab and the rear trailer, swivel and fold in forming a V-shape.

    When a commercial truck jackknifes, the truck driver loses control in the steering capability of the tractor-trailer cab. Depending on how violent the wreck is, the truck driver could be ejected from the cab or knocked unconscious. If a jackknife occurs, the accident could take up two lanes of traffic, which can cause a major pile-up and traffic delay.

    Scenarios that Lead to Jackknife Wrecks

    The most common reason for jackknife truck crashes is when truck drivers carelessly operate their vehicles when road conditions are not optimal. The most common road condition for jackknife truck accidents is when roads are wet or icy. Another frequent cause for jackknife truck accidents is when a tractor-trailer truck is hauling an empty trailer. Because the trailer is so light, any evasive action by the trucker to avoid something in the road or another vehicle could cause the trailer to swing around and the truck driver to losing control of the vehicle.

    When a truck driver causes their vehicle to jackknife and injures another driver, the victim might could be eligible for compensation. A jackknife truck accident lawyer in Birmingham could investigate the wreck and determine liability.

    Preventing Trucks from Jackknifing

    The biggest precaution that may be taken by truck drivers is to maintain a safe distance between them and other cars or vehicles around them. That gives them ample opportunity to safely brake their truck or trailer truck without causing a jackknife.

    Another safety measure is always having some type of load in the trailer traveling behind the commercial truck. It is not easy for truck drivers to find loads to carry back and forth. However, there are certain measures they could take to make sure the trailer has some weight in the back.

    Unforeseeable Jackknife Accidents in Birmingham

    When someone is involved in a jackknife accident, they should hire an experienced lawyer to uncover the details of why the truck jackknifed. Although rare, there are some instances where there is nothing the truck driver could do to prevent the jackknife from occurring. Sometimes, truckers purposely jackknife their trucks to avoid a severe impact with another vehicle.

    Tractor-trailer trucks have dash cameras that capture the visual images of the ride. Most tractor-trailer trucks have black boxes similar to airplanes that record data about how fast the truck was operating and the point that the brakes were applied. An experienced jackknife trucking accident attorney in Birmingham knows what to look for to determine whether the wreck was predictable for the trucker. If it was and could have been avoided and the jackknife crash caused injuries to another party, it needs to be investigated completely.

    Contact a Birmingham Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

    Being involved in a collision with a truck can result in serious injuries that could impact you for the rest of your life. A diligent Birmingham jackknife truck accident lawyer could review your case and determine the losses you sustained and the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a legal representative for a consultation on your case.