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    Anniston Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

    The National Safety Council reports that one in five accidents happen in parking lots, with cell phone use being the most common cause. Unfortunately, most people do not think the rules of the road apply to parking lots, and this leads to a false sense of security.

    If you were injured recently in a parking lot accident, a practiced car crash attorney could be of assistance. An Anniston parking lot accident lawyer could evaluate the details of your accident and provide information on available options.

    Leading Causes of Parking Lot Collisions

    The scary truth is that each year 60,000 people are injured in parking lot crashes, and more than 500 die from these injuries. In addition to cell phone use, parking lots offer other uniquely dangerous circumstances that are made even more treacherous by inattentive driving, including:

    • Ambiguous crosswalks and pedestrian areas
    • Children playing in the lot
    • Limited visibility and high congestion
    • Poor judgment backing in/out of parking spaces
    • Vehicles parked in prohibited areas

    Parking Lot Accident Liability

    There are three main types of parking lot accident liability,

    • One-Vehicle Collisions
    • Two-Vehicle Collisions
    • Pedestrian Collisions

    One-Vehicle Collisions

    When a moving vehicle hits a stationary object like a sign or median, it may appear that the driver is at fault for the collision. However, there are often other factors at play. For example, a parking lot accident lawyer in Anniston could investigate the scene of the accident to determine if the parking lot owner was negligent in their duty to maintain their property and keep it free of hazards.

    Two-Vehicle Collisions

    When two moving vehicles hit each other, it may be hard to determine who is liable without an investigation initiated by a car accident attorney. An Anniston parking lot accident lawyer could determine what factors may be involved in the cause of a potential client’s accident and the condition of the parking lot at the time the accident occurred.

    However, when one moving vehicle hits a stationary vehicle, fault may be assigned to the driver of the moving vehicle unless the other car was parked illegally or inappropriately.

    Pedestrian Collisions

    As with any pedestrian accident, when a vehicle hits a person or child in a parking lot, the resulting injuries can be quite serious and often fatal. Parking lots often leave motorists with limited visibility, and pedestrians in parking lots are often unclear on their own rights and obligations as well. Although everyone must exercise extreme caution in a parking lot, pedestrians do have rights within crosswalks, and vehicles have the right of way almost everywhere else.

    Statute of Limitations

    When planning on filing a lawsuit, it may be important to keep in mind that most states have time limits, or statues of limitations, that must be adhered to. Alabama Code § 6-32-38 explains that those who suffer injuries resulting from an accident have up to two years to file a claim.

    However, it is not uncommon for those who are injured in a car accident to discover that injuries which at first seemed minor developed into more serious complications a year later. Additionally, statutes of limitations can vary depending on the circumstances. For example, claims against government agencies can have shorter time limits.

    Those who are injured in a parking lot accident should contact an Anniston parking lot accident lawyer as soon as possible. Parking lot attorneys could assist a potential client with any applicable statutes of limitations to avoid missing the opportunity to file a claim.

    Speaking to an Anniston Parking Lot Accident Attorney

    Whether you are facing the complications of a minor fender bender, the consequences of a hit and run, or devastating injuries, our parking lot accident attorneys could hear the details of your case and provide the knowledge and resources to bring you the best possible outcome.

    Do not allow yourself or your family to remain vulnerable to complicated accident laws and inadequate settlements. An Anniston parking lot accident lawyer could begin to build your case today. To hear what compensation you may be entitled to, contact an attorney today.