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    Villa Rica Dog Bite Lawyer

     Dogs can cause tremendous damage with their sharp teeth and powerful jaws. As a result, pet owners in Villa Rica have the legal obligation to ensure that their dog does not attack or bite others.

    A dog attack may be a severe medical event that requires immediate treatment and leaves a person with permanent scarring and disfigurement. Plaintiffs who experience a canine attack may have legal recourse against the dog’s owner. This may include the ability to secure monetary damages that help pay for necessary medical treatment and compensate them for any work they missed due to their injuries.

    A skilled Villa Rica dog bite lawyer could help you through this process if you are trying to take legal action against a negligent pet owner. Additionally, with assistance from a personal injury attorney, you may have the opportunity to focus on your physical recovery.

    Legal Liability of Villa Rica Dog Owners 

    Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-2-7 may hold dog owners responsible for the injuries their pets cause to others if four conditions are present. These include:

    • The owner must know or have reason to know their dog is “vicious”
    • The owner must have failed to take reasonable measures to restrain their dog or keep the dog from attacking the injured plaintiff
    • The plaintiff must not have antagonized the dog or encouraged the canine to bite

    A defendant may know that their dog is vicious or dangerous if their pet attacked someone in the past. A defendant also may have the requisite knowledge of their dog’s viciousness if the canine displayed aggressive tendencies toward others in the past.

    Dog owners are not liable for injuries that their pets cause if the owners took reasonable steps to restrain their animal. Therefore, if an owner fails to leash their pet and this dog attacks someone, this person may be liable.

    Those who sustain injuries due to a canine bite must not have provoked or instigated the attack. This means that a defendant may have a successful defense to a lawsuit if the evidence demonstrates that the plaintiff abused, mocked, teased, or otherwise encouraged the dog to bite them. A Villa Rica attorney could help someone analyze their dog bite case to determine if the pet owner may be liable to pay damages.

    Time Limitations for Filing a Dog Bite Claim

    Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-3-33 gives dog bite plaintiffs a two-year window to bring their suits against the negligent pet owner. The statute of limitations begins on the day the individual suffers their injuries. Plaintiffs may not be able to obtain any compensation if they attempt to file their claim outside of this two-year window. A seasoned lawyer in Villa Rica could help someone file their dog bite claim within the legal deadline.

    Retain a Villa Rica Dog Bite Attorney

    If a dog bit you and you sustained losses as a result, you may have a viable civil claim for compensation. Consult with an experienced Villa Rica dog bite lawyer about your situation to determine what legal options you may have. Your opportunity to pursue a compensation claim is limited, so you should take action as soon as possible.