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    Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

    You have just been involved in a car accident or truck accident.  Your mind is spinning out of control with questions and concerns.  How am I going to get to work in the morning?  What doctor do I go to?  Who in the world do I talk to at an insurance company?  After someone reports the accident to the insurance company, you usually get calls from insurance adjusters with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.

    We have all heard the catchy songs and phrases. They say insurance companies are good neighbors that have you in good hands while sending cute little geckos to take care of you.  Well, insurance adjusters are not usually that catchy and cute.

    Insurance adjusters are trained by their companies to pay the lowest amount possible to settle your injury claims.  Adjusters have a lot of tricks to be sure this happens.

    Some of the Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use

    • Requesting unnecessary information – Loading an injury victim down with paperwork and tasks – The adjuster thinks this will make the injury victim settle quicker for less money.
    • Delay Tactics – The adjuster thinks the longer the claim process takes, the less money you will take to get it over.
    • Recommending Medical Treatments – The person is an insurance adjuster, not a medical professional.  NEVER let an insurance adjuster direct you on medical treatment.
    • Threat About Hiring Attorneys – A tactic for adjusters is to offer a sum of money, and then tell the injured party that if he or she hires a personal injury lawyer that sum will be drastically reduced.

    If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.  This will ensure that you receive the best possible money for your injuries.  Prior to talking with an insurance adjuster, you should contact a personal injury attorney at The Parian Law Firm, LLC.  You need an experienced personal injury lawyer looking out for your interests, not the insurance company.