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    Cerebral Palsy
    Cerebral palsy describes numerous neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood. These disorders affect body movement and muscle coordination. Despite causing permanent body movement issues, cerebral palsy is not caused by muscle or nerve injuries. Rather, cerebral palsy is caused by brain abnormalities in the area of the brain that controls muscle movement.

    Medical malpractice during pregnancy and childbirth can lead to congenital cerebral palsy. If an infant develops cerebral palsy or suffers other birth related injuries due to medical negligence, the injured infants and/or the parents of the injured infant could have a legal claim against the doctor or hospital.

    The Parian Law Firm, LLC files lawsuits for birth injuries such as cerebral palsy. We do so not only to hold doctors and hospitals accountable, but to also improve quality of care for all other babies.

    What Are the Signs of Cerebral Palsy?

    Parents know their own children better than anyone. When parents become aware their child may have suffered a brain injury during birth, their parenting abilities usually enter hyper drive. These children require intensive medical care and assistance with basic activities such as breathing and feeding.

    Other signs of cerebral palsy include:

    Motor Skills Delay, including sitting, crawling, walking, etc.
    Eating Difficulty;
    Abnormal Muscle Tone;
    Difficulty Maintaining Proper Posture; and
    Inability to Hold Head Erect.
    If you suspect that medical negligence caused your child or grandchild to develop cerebral palsy or another injury, you should contact a law firm experienced in handling birth injury claims.

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