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    What To Do When You Suffer a Work Injury

    Getting injured while working is a confusing time to most.  Unfortunately, a lot of people just keep on working when in need of medical care.  Why?  Usually it is out of fear that he or she will lose employment for suffering a work injury.  Well, the good news is that is why the workers’ comp system is in existence.  Below are recommendations from the workers’ compensation lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC on what to do if you ever suffer a work injury.

    (1)  Document the Who, What, When, Where, and How!

    • As soon as possible after suffering a work injury, document exactly what you recall happening.  Be sure to write down the date and time you are documenting the work injury and its cause.
    • Who was around that witnessed the work accident causing your injury?
    • What were you doing?  Be as detailed as possible.
    • When were you injured?
    • Where were you on the job?  Were you on the factory floor, at your desk, outside digging a hole, driving down the road. etc.?
    • How do you recall the events that caused your work injury?

    (2)  Tell the Boss!

    • Your immediate supervisor or union rep has forms they are required to complete.
    • One of those forms is a report on what caused your injury.
    • If your work injury is life-threatening, go to the emergency room immediately.  Upon arrival, tell the medical personnel you were hurt on the job if you are able to communicate.

    (3)  Get to the Doctor!

    • If the work injury is life-threatening, get to the emergency room.  If not life-threatening, go to one of your employer’s approved workers’ comp doctors.

    (4)  Keep a Detailed File on Your Work Injuries & Treatment!

    • Get copies of all documents and forms related to your work injury.
    • This means job-related forms, medical appointments, prescriptions, and everything in between.

    (5)  Follow All Instructions!

    • Well, maybe not all……If someone tells you to jump out a window, don’t follow that one.
    • DO follow your workers’ comp doctor’s instructions.
    • DO stay out of work if you’re told to stay out of work.
    • DO NOT miss medical-related appointments.
    • Just like grandma used to say……”Be on your best behavior or someone is gonna slap a knot on your head.”

    (6)  Just Say No!

    • If your workers’ comp doctor tells you to stay out of work or to only perform light duty work, it’s against the law for your employer to threaten your job security and/or disability benefits.
    • You have the law on your side if your employer discriminates against you due to your work injuries.

    (7)  Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney!

    • The Workers’ Comp Lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC are experienced with both Alabama and Georgia Workers’ Comp law.
    • We work with some of the best physicians in America to get you the medical care that you deserve.