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    Zimmer Knee Replacement Component Recalled

    Posted on - Saturday, February 21, 2015 under Dangerous Drugs & Products

    All Lots and All Sizes of Zimmer Metal Tibia Voluntarily Recalled

    Information was just passed on to the Georgia Defective Medical Device Lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLCthat the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibia has been voluntarily recalled by Zimmer, Inc.  Zimmer received reports that this particular part, used in total knee replacement surgeries, has been failing under certain circumstances.  During total knee replacement surgeries utilizing the Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal Tibia, the orthopedic surgeon usually pressure fits or cements the recalled tibia piece onto the patient’s live tibia bone.  It is expected that the live bone will conform to the recalled tibia piece and there will be little to no gap between the live bone and artificial piece.

    Unfortunately, Zimmer has received complaints from patients and doctors that radiolucent lines are being seen post-knee replacement surgery, which indicates that bone is not growing into the Trabecular Metal part as expected.  This problem was discovered after thousands of the Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal Tibia had been installed into patients.  Zimmer is one of the leading knee placement parts manufacturers in America.  It is expected that many will require surgery to repair and replace the Zimmer knee replacement part.

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