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    Xarelto & Killer Side Effects

    Posted on - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 under Dangerous Drugs & Products

    Xarelto is a beast of a dangerous drug.  The fact that it hit the market with no known way to stop bleeding caused by the drug is beyond frightening.  The manufacturers of Xarelto should be held accountable for the deaths and injuries they are responsible for.  We at The Parian Law Firm do not take lightly the fact that sometimes money and profit comes before safety to the public in the corporate world.

    The fact that Xarelto is still on the market makes me nauseous.  The protocol followed by the government to recall a drug, while thorough, takes WAY too long.  By the time the FDA gets around to recalling Xarelto, there are likely to be thousands of deaths from this drug.  Contact your members of Congress and let them know we will not sit by and watch people be hurt.

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