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    WalMart Settles Death Claim

    Posted on - Saturday, January 24, 2015 under Wrongful Death

    WalMart Truck Wreck Case Settles With Family

    You probably recall that comedian Tracy Morgan suffered a serious brain injury when a limo bus he and other comedians were traveling in was struck in the rear by a WalMart tractor trailer truck on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Comedian James McNair, known onstage as “Jimmy Mack,” was killed in the accident.  In August 2014, the family of Jimmy Mack filed a civil suit against WalMart seeking financial compensation for the wrongful death of Jimmy Mack due to the WalMart truck driver’s negligent operation of his tractor trailer truck.

    The terms of the settlement are confidential; however, WalMart did issue a statement saying they are committed to “doing what is right.”  The wrongful death attorney representing the family of Jimmy Mack said “the amount of money was more money than could have reasonably been anticipated to have been recovered under the law.”  Despite paying Jimmy Mack’s family, WalMart has still not accepted the responsibility for causing the trucking accident or deaths and injuries caused by such.

    WalMart is One of the Biggest Trucking Companies in the US

    With 7,400 truck drivers, 6,121 tractors, and almost 60,000 tractor trailers, the size of the trucking company is needed to serve all of the retail stores throughout America.  In 2010, WalMart Truck Drivers drove almost 713 million miles.  For scope, driving all the way around the Earth is almost 25,000 miles.  WalMart Drivers, in 2010 traveled 1.6 million miles per preventable accident.  That means there were over 425 preventable accidents involving WalMart trucks in 2010.

    Truck Driver Fatigue & Speeding Were Factors in Crash

    The truck driver involved in the  Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Mack truck crash had not slept for over 24 hours.  The National Transportation Safety Board issued a preliminary report stating that the tractor trailer truck was traveling 65mph in a 45mph construction zone at the time of the crash.  All of these factors led to tragic results in this truck accident.

    All accidents are not a truck driver’s fault, but it appears that this WalMart truck accident was due to the driver operating his truck outside the regulations.  The cause may have been that the WalMart Trucking company needed him to make more deliveries.  We may never know the actual cause, but it is certainly admirable that WalMart paid the family of Jimmy Mack.

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