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    Tips for Dealing with a Car Accident Injury

    Posted on - Friday, March 13, 2015 under Car Accident

    Your head is pounding.  Heck, you may be under sedation sitting in a hospital room.  Yet, your cell phone is ringing off the hook.

    It is not Aunt Myrtle checking to see if you are okay.  It’s the insurance company of the driver that hit you.

    What are you supposed to say to the friendly (yet tricky) insurance adjuster?

    1. First things first, that insurance adjuster is not on your side.  He or she represents the other driver.  The adjuster’s goal is to pay you as little as possible.  Never trust that an insurance adjuster has your best interests in the top of their mind.
    2. Be careful what you say to people.  You say stuff face to face. You say stuff on Facebook and other social media.  You tell your doctors stuff.  The insurance company is looking for any and all things you say that may contradict something else you have said.
    3. Listen to what your doctor says.  Not following medical orders or missing doctor’s appointments can cause the insurance company to discount your injuries.  You may hurt, but without trying to get better, you must not be in that bad of pain!
    4. Next, take pictures of your car and your bodily injuries.  This means any dents, scratches, etc. on your car.  On your body, go for the bruises and other visible wounds.  Document those wounds daily.
    5. The fifth tip is to be sure you keep all paperwork.  No matter what you scribbled information on, keep it.
    6. Don’t assume that you are okay physically after the emergency room checks you out.  It can take some time for back and neck injuries to show themselves.  If you begin feeling pain in your spinal region, contact an orthopedist of your choice and get checked out.
    7. The seventh tip is to never settle any of your car accident injury claim until you are done treating with medical people.  You do not want to jump the gun by settling and suffering more injuries later on.
    8. Finally, unless your case is one where the insurance company feels they may have to pay millions on, it is likely your case is just another claim in the insurance company’s eyes.  You should hire an experienced car accident attorney to be sure the insurance company is paying attention to your claim.

    The car accident attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC have helped hundreds of people get back on their feet after being injured.  You deserve to have a fighter on your side when dealing with the insurance companies.  Call us at (770) 727-5550 or chat online now with one of our staff.