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    The Best……….On Your Own Terms

    Posted on - Monday, July 21, 2014 under General

    “Hey Dad, do you know where we are going?” says my 8 year old know-it-all son.  “Of course, Beckham.  I looked it up on Google Maps, and I have it burnt into my memory,” I reply.  I look to my co-pilot in the seat beside me (ahem, my wife) who is rolling her eyes.  I murmur to her…….”I have absolutely no clue where in the h*** we are.”  The tenor of that trip changed at that moment.  A car load of wife and pissed-off kids is nowhere for a man to be.

    I was actually proud of myself that day.  I admitted I was lost.  There is no doubt that I need a lot of babysitters in my life.  A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL AGREE WITH THE PRIOR SENTENCE.  My secretary directs me where to go, when to be there, how to dress, and when I get out of hand.  My wife tells me when my fly is open, when I left my socks in the wrong spot, and when I am doing anything wrong.  Then there are the people that help me keep my busy life balanced.  I have more than 5 people all over the United States that make sure my law firm ship is sailing where it should.  I could not serve my clients without all of the people in this paragraph.

    I turn down potential clients and cases every day.  Need a complex will drafted?  I am not your guy.  Interested in offering a stock sale to the public?  I am definitely not your guy.  I talk.  That is what I do.  My practice is based around litigation and practicing the art of trial advocacy.  I welcome any battle especially those against insurance companies and large corporate interests!!!!  I also welcome criminal defendants and small business owners that need a voice in the legal system.

    So where is the life lesson?  I have learned that being good at one thing and focusing on being the best at that one thing is the key to sustainability in life.  In legal practice, I want to be great at trial advocacy.  At home, I want to be a great father and husband.  On the golf course, I want to be Tiger Woods.  In life, I want to do the best that I can do at all things.  Who judges such?  Not the people around you.  It is you that is the sole judge of whether you are doing the best.  Listen to those babysitters in your life, but execute the plan on your own terms.