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    Tanker Trucks Pose Explosive Dangers

    Posted on - Monday, March 28, 2016 under Truck Accidents

    All large tractor-trailers pose dangers for other drivers. Fatigued or impaired drivers, faulty equipment, and scores of other factors which cause trucking accidents lead to tragedies every day that injures and kills thousands of Americans every year. But tanker trucks, which often contain highly volatile and flammable liquids, pose an even greater risk and present a whole different set of potential problems.

    Four specific dangers that are unique to tanker trucks are:

    • Sloshing liquid. When a tanker truck is significantly less than full, the liquid inside becomes prone to sloshing around in the tank. This can cause sudden and dramatic shifts in the truck’s weight and center of gravity. This can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle or over correct in an attempt to stabilize the truck. This increases the risk of a rollover, jackknife, or sudden lane change into another vehicle.
    • Different liquids have different densities and therefore the same amount of two different liquids can have two different weights. If the trucker or trucking company fails to account for this factor, the truck can become overloaded. This can increase the risk of brake failure or a tire blowout which can lead to an accident.
    • Not all tanker trucks are filled with flammable liquids. Some tankers carry milk, drinking water, or other material which does not in and of itself present a risk of explosion. However, when a tanker truck is filled with gasoline, natural gas, propane, or other flammable materials, an accident can lead to catastrophic fires and explosions.
    • Hazardous materials. Tanker trucks often haul hazardous or toxic liquids that can cause serious health or environmental problems in the event of a spill. Even in the event that other drivers survive a tanker truck accident with minimal external injuries, they can be exposed toxic chemicals that can cause serious long-term health effects.

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