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    Street Racers Kill One in Pedestrian Accident

    Posted on - Wednesday, January 28, 2015 under Pedestrian Accidents

    Street racing has become increasingly popular with “The Fast & Furious” brand of movies.  Unfortunately, the street racing culture claimed a young life in San Jose, California.  Around noon today, a young woman was jogging down a street on the sidewalk while a 19 year old driving a Nissan and a 24 year old driving a BMW were racing their cars down that same road.  The two drivers lost control of their racing cars and struck the young woman killing her instantly.

    As you can imagine speeding is a cause for concern with street racing.  No matter the improvements made to passenger vehicles, they are still only road worthy when used in the traditional driving sense.  People of all ages still try to use them as drag racers, street racers, and lots of other negligent manners.  This cannot be tolerated except for on closed racing courses with adequate safety equipment.

    These “wannabe” race car drivers cause serious injuries and death to other responsible car drivers, commercial truck drivers, and pedestrians.  That brief moment of adrenaline rush for the street racers caused a wrongful death on the streets of California.  The same happens often in Georgia and Alabama.  It is sad to say the least.

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