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    Slip and Fall Accidents Fit Many Definitions – Atlanta Georgia Slip and Fall Lawyers

    Posted on - Monday, December 1, 2014 under Slip and Fall

    Premises Liability is one of those terms that lawyers like to use.  I have seen attorneys introduce themselves as a “Premises Liability Attorney.”  I usually look at them with a blank stare.  Why?  Well, I guess I have to think for a moment about what that lawyer means by premises.  When I am asked if I practice any premises liability law, I usually respond with “Nope.  I’m a slip and fall lawyer.”   Slip and fall?  What does that mean to people?  Well, I recently did a survey on social media where I asked the following:  “When you see an attorney advertising for “slip and fall accidents,” what immediately comes to mind?”  In the interest of full disclosure, I give you about 75% of the answers submitted.

    –  A guy chasing an ambulance in a suit and tie.

    –  My grandmother slipping on a banana peel.

    –  Someone in a grocery store that gets hurt while shopping.

    –  Duh.  A person that slips on something and falls as a result.

    –  Every time I see a lawyer ad, I chuckle and sigh.

    All of these answers are valid.  I omitted some answers, because I could not figure out how to “bleep” online or come up with any “replacement words.”  There is a place for personal injury lawyers in this world.  Like many of my colleagues, my goal is to educate the public to identify slip and fall accidents that could have been prevented.  Many slip and fall accidents justify legal recovery to prevent the negligent party from committing the same act again.  Some slip and fall accident victims have even been awarded punitive damages to punish and deter the negligent party.

    I get phone calls from potential clients weekly inquiring about representation related to slip and fall accidents.  Just today I had someone call me because he tripped over a curb in front of his car and scraped his knees.  I asked him, “Did you see the curb when you were parking?”  His answer, “Yep.  It was yellow and tall.”  Without pause, I inquired “why in the world did you fall over it if you saw it?”  The conversation ended quickly.

    Slip and fall accidents can sometimes be disguised.  I represented a family whose elderly father died as a result of injuries sustained in an motorized shopping cart accident in a major retail establishment.   The gentleman was simply doing his weekly shopping when a wheel fell off the cart causing him to spill onto the floor below.  You see?  He did not necessarily slip and fall in this case, but this accident would fall squarely within my definition of a slip and fall accident.

    Another example is a 24 year old college graduate student who was injured when she cut her leg on the corner of a display in a small hometown shop.  Apologies were traded at the moment of the accident; however, three days after the accident, the client developed a little-known bacterial infection that required over $100,000 in medical care.  Yet again, this is not an actual slip and fall, but it falls squarely in the slip and fall accident category on my books.

    What I am trying to say is that if you or a loved one were injured while on the property of another, regardless of how it happened, you have suffered a slip and fall accident in my books!  Sounds a bit simplistic right?  Well, why make it complicated?!?!  If you require someone to say the word “Premises” to you over and over, you need to see my earlier article about the Lawyer/Client Team.

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