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    Should I Talk to the Police?

    Posted on - Tuesday, September 27, 2016 under FAQ Should I Talk to the Police?

    You should never talk to police, period. Instead, any time a police officer speak to you, immediately blurt out “I want a lawyer!” This is the advice given by Professor James Duane of Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    My Response – “Are you [freaking] kidding me? Go back into your office in that academic bubble you live in.” (For those that don’t know, you place brackets around a word that is not actually spoken. In this case, I used a different “F” word).

    I am no criminal defense lawyer, and I am DEFINITELY not a constitutional scholar (or any other kind of scholar). However, Professor Duane’s advice is simply ludicrous. I am sure he would argue with me that his advice is backed by “scholarly data” or give some other academic excuse.

    Hell, I am sure that I could find some professor of higher education to declare that human [crap] is made of rose petals.

    What Have We Become?

    Sometime in the past 10 years, America has developed a segment of society that are [wussies]. I am not speaking of the kind of [wussy] afraid of heights like me. I am talking about [wussies] that are scared of societal normalcy and respect.

    There are bad people all over. There is no denying that. Some are police officers. Many are lawyers. Most drive ice-cream trucks around day cares.

    We cannot insulate ourselves or those we care about from those bad people.

    I know many police officers. Some are even my close friends. They are not bad people. They are not out searching for their next arrest. After all, arrests mean paperwork!

    Police officers are doing their job. My job is to represent injured people being wronged by insurance companies. A police officer’s job is protecting the population against bad people.

    I can assure you there are lawyers that are bad people. There are also bad police officers. Yet, don’t take Professor Duane’s advice and simply disobey a police officer’s orders for the “sake of law.”

    I would stay away from that ice cream truck driver though…………