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    Safety Tips for Santa | The Parian Law Firm, LLC

    Posted on - Sunday, December 21, 2014 under General

    T-Minus 7 days until Santa Claus visits every house in the world.  While many of us are settling in for the holiday season and end of the year, Santa Claus and his elves are no doubt working 24/7 preparing to set off Christmas Eve.  Can you imagine all of the toys that need finishing, the presents that need wrapping, and the route planning that goes into Christmas night?  On top of that, I am sure the behavior audit department of the North Pole is still busy updating the Naughty and Nice list to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

    I write this article in the hopes that Santa will see it prior to setting out on December 24.  He really needs to have a safety check list to avoid suffering any personal injury to himself, his elves, or his reindeer.  Let’s face it.  Santa and his crew do not have the safest jobs in the World.  Here are my recommendations for Santa.

    –          Have the sleigh looked at by a licensed sleigh mechanic to ensure that all parts are working,

    –          Be sure your cell phone is in hands-free mode, and goodness sake, NO TEXTING WHILE FLYING!

    –          Be sure the reindeer know the game plan.  Have a huddle with them prior to leaving and be certain they all have their game faces on.

    –          Break your boots in.  No need to have your feet hurting that night.

    –          Always check for fire before going down any chimney.

    –          Check the milk at each house prior to drinking.  Spoiled milk could lead to delayed departures and it is impossible to flush a toilet silently.

    –          Limit cookie intake to a bite per house.  Remember your sleigh will have to stop at interstate weigh stations.  You don’t want to get a violation.

    –          Ensure all gifts are not on any safety recall lists.

    –          Dog Treats………  Not all family pets are going to be thrilled to see you.  If the family has a pet snake, that is your problem.

    –          Ensure that Rudolph’s nose is at maximum brightness.  Running into airplanes, helicopters, or UFO’s will ruin your night.

    –          No drinking and flying.  Don’t forget that there is “adult” egg nog.

    –          No presents are to be left in doorways or stairwells.  Kids could fall over them.

    –          Do not allow the reindeer to graze on poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, etc. as they can be poisonous to animals

    Hopefully, Santa will see this list that I have prepared for his safety.  I am certain that Santa can afford a lawyer, but no one wants to see Santa in a courtroom.  In all seriousness, it is my hope that all of us are happy and healthy this holiday season.  Whatever holiday that you celebrate, do so with love in your heart.  From the personal injury attorneys at The Parian Law Firm, LLC, Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah.