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    Safety Isn’t ONLY for Dummies…….It’s For Us

    Posted on - Tuesday, July 21, 2015 under General

    I grew up the oldest of three boys.  That generally meant that I was the one that inflicted pain upon my younger siblings.  Of course, the older they got, they discovered ways to inflict pain on their older brother.  It usually involved kicking where the sun doesn’t shine or asking the same question over and over.  All of us with younger siblings thought at one time or another that little people were put on this Earth to do one thing………..DRIVE US COMPLETELY MAD!

    Fast forward many years.  My brothers and I have now started having children of our own.  My first-born, Beckham, is now an 8-year-old mirror image of me (God Bless Him).  His uncles and I do what comes naturally with little boys.  We pick on him incessantly.  He is just now discovering escape tactics, many of which were taught by his YouTube obsession with WWE videos.

    However, almost 3 years ago to this date, something profoundly bizarre happened in the Parian family.  A little girl was born.  GASP!!  A little over a year after my daughter, Quinn, was born another female Parian graced up with her presence via my little brother and his wife.  We call that little girl creature, Hollis.  All of a sudden estrogen and heartfelt feelings are rampant in our house.

    I sat there watching all of these kids last night at our annual “Back to School Dinner.”  You heard over and over, “Quinn, don’t do that.  Hollis gets out of there.  Beckham, I am going to slap a knot on your head if…..”  It occurred to me that a parent’s greatest goal for their children is to keep them safe from harm.  Unfortunately, I have seen and been involved in traumas throughout my life where a child’s safety was impeded upon.  Some of those times the child was okay while other times the consequences were tragic.

    As a personal injury lawyer, my main goal is to keep people safe.  While it is usually too late by the time a client calls, I view my role as that of an enabler letting the whole world know that what occurred was wrong and we will hopefully prevent it from happening again.  The massive GM recall you hear about?  Yep, that was started by one family’s goal to keep people safe from the dangers that took their daughter’s life.  Contact The Parian Law Firm, LLC should you suffer injury as a result of someone else’s lack of safety.  I promise to get the word out and do everything in my power to prevent it from happening again.