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    Be PROUD to be American………It Could Be Worse!

    Posted on - Tuesday, December 2, 2014 under General

    A lot of disturbing things have been in the media of late. Of course, a lot of the “news stories” are exaggerated and blown out of proportion in order to get an extra viewer on television or the web. However, we cannot escape the publicity surrounding police officer shootings, celebrity domestic violence, and even alleged sexual abuse by Mr. Huxtable! Reactions to these events by a few unruly people have manifested themselves in fires, looting, and even non-peaceful “rallies” (i.e. riots). What if those people instead responded in a peaceful manner? The precedent for such reaction was set in the civil rights era. How would our government react? I cannot think of many times in my life that our governing authorities have responded with harsh penalties. In America, we have civil liberties. But what if our government officials reacted with violence in response to people’s peaceful response?

    Saudi Arabia bars women from driving! However, recent peaceful rallies by female rights activists have caused King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to reconsider the almost century old ban. Muslim clerics (“preachers” in American English!) have argued that giving a driving license will cause women to stray into adulterous territory. Garbage!

    There have been peaceful protests by Saudi females and supporters since 1990. Each of the protests have been met with severe penalties by government officials. In 1990, the women were jailed for a day, had their passports confiscated, and lost their jobs. In 2011, a woman was videoed driving on social media. She received 10 lashings, which is what the lion tamer does to lions at the circus. Just this past Sunday, in a show of protest, a 25 year old female activist attempted to cross the border into Saudi Arabia by driving. Her passport was confiscated, and she was forced to spend the night in her car. The following morning, she was taken for interrogation. She has not been heard from since.

    In America, all of us have a voice. In the legal system alone, any man or woman is able to speak for and represent himself or herself before the courts. In some instances, I have recommended to potential clients that they do not need any trained legal assistance to solve the problem. Although I wish this was not the case, many lawyers would not admit such in an effort to make a dollar.

    Because my practice focuses only on representing individuals injured by other’s actions, many of the people I meet with are suffering from great emotional, spiritual, and/or physical pain. They may not have any visible symptoms ( such as injuries requiring cervical spine surgery ) but when they pour their hearts out to me, the pain becomes readily apparent. Are these people left to represent themselves in the American legal system to get full recovery for their pain and suffering from the person or company that caused their pain and suffering? The answer is NO. America has a way for them to receive a voice when they can not speak for themselves. A licensed lawyer can represent those people before the court and provide the voice they need. Our government does not punish those attempting to right a wrong; rather, our government provides the people with a voice to attempt to right that wrong.

    This is neither a Democrat nor a Republican article. It is simply the truth as I see it from my view. The legal system is not going to lash you for trying to fix something in a peaceful legal manner. If you or a loved one have been injured by someone else’s negligence, consult with a knowledgeable attorney to determine your rights to recovery. It is your right.

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