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    Onward to 2015! | The Parian Law Firm, LLC

    Posted on - Thursday, January 1, 2015 under General

    The year 2014 is on its way out the door.  The year’s end usually causes people to declare the preceding year “a year of change.”  If you concentrate hard enough (yes, I have trouble with that sometimes), you start to notice that every single day brings change.  Change comes in many forms.

    Unfortunately, some people suffer change in the form of loss.  There is nothing that can be said or done to ease the pain of loss. Whether you lost a loved one, your pinkie finger, or your favorite chap-stick, loss is never easy.

    As a personal injury attorney, every client that I represent has lost something.  I have seen people suffer the loss/death of their spouse because of an accident.  Yes, I had a client that lost a pinkie finger in a beer bottle accident.  Some clients just simply lose the enjoyment of everyday normal living because of a twinge or pain in a body part.  All of these losses are different in magnitude, yet similar in many ways.

    I believe that part of my role as a personal injury lawyer is to provide counseling to clients.  Yes, of course, I counsel them legally, but I gain the most satisfaction in getting thanks from clients that say I helped them learn to live better with their situation.  It has nothing to do with the monies they may have recovered or the outstanding medical care they received.  (Ahem, notice that I left out “outstanding legal service”).  It has more to do with the friendship that we have forged in dealing with the sensitive situation.  I become part of their family and vice versa.

    So here is what I wish for everyone that suffered a loss in 2014, whether The Parian Law Firm, LLC represented you or anyone else:  Let’s resolve to make 2015 a better year.  Sounds simple right?  Not so fast.  Every day in 2015 is a rung on the ladder of the year.  Attempt to take that step upward each day.  You may fall every once in a while, but continue climbing.  It takes willpower to believe that it will get better.


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