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    New Bill Seeks Increased Reporting of Defective Medical Devices

    Posted on - Monday, September 26, 2016 under Dangerous Drugs & Products New Bill Seeks Increased Reporting of Defective Medical Devices

    All too often, it takes hundreds or thousands of health problems, injuries or deaths caused by a dangerous or defective medical device before the device is taken off the market. Usually, defective medical devices are recalled or withdrawn only after reports of problems are made to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal authorities. Now, lawmakers and patient safety advocates are pushing new legislation which seeks to increase the reporting of defective medical devices with the hope of saving lives.

    The Medical Device Guardians Act of 2016 was introduced in Congress over the summer. If passed, the bill would allow – and in fact require – doctors, surgeons and other health care professionals to report problems with medical devices to the FDA. While it may seem odd that these front-line health care providers don’t have this ability already, it is in fact the case. Currently, only hospitals and device manufacturers have access to the FDA for reporting problems and concerns with medical devices.

    Supporters of the proposed law believe that allowing doctors to report problems with devices would help resolve what is widely believed to be a chronic under-reporting of serious complications caused by defective medical devices.

    It shouldn’t take the pain and suffering of thousands of Americans before a dangerous medical device is taken off the market. Hopefully, this new law will decrease these unnecessary tragedies and make us all safer.

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