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    Listen Up: New Car Technology May Increase Distracted Driving Accidents

    Posted on - Friday, February 26, 2016 under Car Accident

    So you have heeded the warnings about using your handheld cell phones and other devices while driving. Good. You just bought yourself a spiffy new car that is equipped with communications, navigation, entertainment and other electronic systems that can be operated by voice command. Distracted driving is now a thing of the past for you, right?


    A new study done for AAA by the University of Utah concluded that even though new “infotainment” systems such as Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto can be operated with both hands firmly on the steering wheel, they still present a significant distracted driving risk.

    The study found that on average, it can take drivers up to 27 seconds to return their full attention to the road after using voice commands to make a hands-free call, turn on the radio or engage in other tasks. If you were driving at the relatively slow speed of 25 MPH, that means you would drive the length of almost three football fields before your attention was back to where it belonged.

    Other findings from the AAA study include:

    • Practice only slightly reduces the degree of distraction caused by these systems
    • The degree of distraction in older adults is greater than for younger drivers
    • Of the infotainment systems tested, the ones in the Chevrolet Equinox, Buick Lacrosse and Toyota 4Runner were the least distracting. The systems in the Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Malibu, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Altima, Chrysler 200 and Hyundai Sonata were more distracting.

    As the study indicates, while these systems are indisputably cool and certainly can be helpful, they are not a cure-all for the problem of distracted driving.

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