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    Lessons Taken from the Atlanta Falcons…….. | Atlanta Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

    Posted on - Monday, November 24, 2014 under Personal Injury

    Being a fan of the Atlanta Falcons is not for the faint of heart.  While most people in the South let their upcoming week be defined by a collegiate football game, my upcoming week is set by the Falcons.  That is how I was raised.  My grandfather bought season tickets when the Falcons arrived in Atlanta in the mid-60’s.  My very first game was against the Philadelphia Eagles back when the Falcons were plain terrible.  I was more amazed that the Eagles had a backup quarterback named Randall (look folks….being graced with the first name Randall is tough) than I was about the spectacle of drunken fandom at a NFL game.  Since that time, I’ve seen a few great moments (i.e. Deion, the Super Bowl, Col. Joe Curtis), but those great moments are few and far between.  My diagnosis of the Atlanta Falcons is that the franchise has bi-polar disorder, but there has been no pill maker willing to make a pill that big for the franchise to get some relief from its disorder.

    I know what you are saying.  Why is a personal injury lawyer writing about the Atlanta Falcons?  Is he planning on putting a billboard in the new stadium?  Is he going to introduce the “Call Cade. Get Paid!” blimp to battle the folks at Goodyear?  He may be about to be like that “One Call” guy that shows up everywhere?

    NO, NO, NO (although a blimp would be cool)!!!!!  My point is that the Atlanta Falcons have been in existence since 1965 and only have ONE championship to show for it.  That championship is not even the BIG championship; rather, it is a lowly conference championship.  Yet, they put a team on the field each and every week.  They have not given up on their hopes and dreams of being WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Personal injury lawyers like myself get phone calls every day from people on the verge of giving up.  Some have been trying to deal with an insurance company on their own.  Others are hurting like hell from an accident or the loss of a loved one, but they have no idea what to do other than to call a TV lawyer.  I even had a client tell me she called the “Judge Judy” show!!!

    My best advice to anyone dealing with injury or loss is to keep putting your team on the field.  Only when you have your team on the field will you have the opportunity to feel the thrill of victory.  Do some research into who you want to lead your charge in the legal systems.  In case you have not noticed, there are A LOT of personal injury lawyers out there.  You want to choose the one that is going to put the best team on the field (just like the Atlanta Falcons) in an effort to win the BIG championship.