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    It’s Pronounced Mar·ket·ing

    Posted on - Friday, September 2, 2016 under General

    How We Stay in Business

    You can’t escape lawyer advertising. There are billboards, social media blasts, TV commercials, and everything else in between. Pictures of lawyers are everywhere.

    But lawyer marketing makes up a small percentage of media advertising. Count how many advertisements you see for carbonated beverages, breakfast cereal, and for God’s sake, erectile dysfunction drugs! Large corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars on keeping the public chomping on their products. After all, the CEO’s of those corporations are judged on profit.

    We advertise at The Parian Law Firm. We are a group of attorneys that ONLY represent people being treated unfairly by greedy corporations. We yell that to the world. Yet, we catch hell for advertising our services. People all over social media call us “ambulance chasers,” “scum sucking slimes,” and “bottom dwellers.”

    We don’t care about those naysayers. We only care about our clients.

    I tell new clients daily there is no reasonable person waking up in the morning thinking “You know what…I want to call a lawyer today!” People only call our firm when they need our help.

    Our job is to help those people that call. When you hire our law firm, you become part of an extended family that cares for your health and well-being. More importantly, we make sure you are treated with respect by the large corporations fighting your every move.

    We want the world to know that our clients are being cared for by trial lawyers that will fight them to the mat. Whether it takes a single punch to get the big company’s attention or a body slam followed by a leg drop, we are here to provide those services for our clients.

    When you Call Cade, we work to be sure you Get Paid. More advertisements to come.