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    Internal Bleeding Linked to Xarelto®

    Posted on - Thursday, July 2, 2015 under Dangerous Drugs & Products

    Xarelto® Linked to Stomach Bleeding & Eye Bleeding

    More medical studies were released this week linking prescription blood thinner Xarelto® to higher risks of stomach bleeding and eye bleeding.  Our Georgia Xarelto® Lawyers have heard from people all over America that have been affected by serious and deadly bleeding events while on Xarelto®.  These latest study results are no surprise to us.

    Study Shows Increased Risk of Eye Bleeding When on Xarelto®

    A recent article in the JAMA Opthalmology Journal noted that Xarelto® can be associated with vitreous hemorrhage, which is a bleed that occurs between the lens and retina of the eye.  The reporting ophthalmologists noted a particularly increased risk for people in their 70’s & 80’s when being transitioned from warfarin to Xarelto®.

    Xarelto® Doubles Risk of Stomach Bleeds

    A study released in the British Medical Journal states that Xarelto® could more than double your risk of suffering a stomach bleed.  The study was performed on 46,000 US patients to determine the risk of GI bleeding on Xarelto® versus Coumadin or warfarin.  The study revealed a substantial risk associated with taking Xarelto®.

    Xarelto® Lawyers Filing Lawsuits Against Xarelto® Manufacturer

    There are hundreds of lawsuits pending in Louisiana and Pennsylvania alleging that Johnson & Johnson and Bayer Pharmaceuticals failed to warn patients of the risk of deadly bleeding while on Xarelto®.

    When a bleed occurs while on warfarin or Coumadin®, the patient can be supplied Vitamin K and frozen plasma to counteract the drug’s effects.

    There is no such reversing agent for Xarelto®.  The advantages of Xarelto® marketed by it manufacturer include ease of dosage and less maintenance.  Yet, they do not tell you there is no way to stop a bleed on Xarelto® other than the good Lord above.