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    Insurance Company TV Commercials Are Hilarious!

    Posted on - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 under General

    It seems like the only TV commercials anymore (with the exception of erectile dysfunction medicines) are for fast food restaurants and insurance companies.  Gone are the days of the Marlboro Man, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Joe Camel, and The Jolly Green Giant.  Now we are pelted each day by cavemen, geckos, ducks, Flo, and assorted State Farm athletes.  Why???  Just like the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel made it cool and convenient for millions of Americans to smoke, insurance companies are taking a page from that book in an effort to gain a little “goodwill” among the general public.  They want the insurance buying and claims process to seem like it is a sunny walk in the park.

    Personal injury lawyer jokes are everywhere.  Frankly, many of the jokes are warranted.  All of us have seen personal injury lawyers on tractor trailer trucks urging us to give that “one call.”  The sad part is that the person calling will likely make hundreds of calls and never have that “one call” with an attorney.  But what if personal injury lawyers marketed in a way that insurance companies market?  Just think…..”The Voice” has just gone to commercial break; up on the screen comes a talking bear; it jump ropes with kids on the sidewalk; then it passes out warm chocolate chip cookies to everyone in the house.  At the end of the commercial, it turns to the camera and says, “Have You Been Injured?  Call Cade. Get Paid!”  At that moment, a collective groan is let out around the country.

    Why do insurance companies get the benefit of the doubt in their commercials when we laugh and chuckle?  Sure, there are many millions of people out there that have never had a single problem dealing with an insurance company.  Most of those people have only been involved in claims for property damage.  Maybe a tree fell on their house during a storm or they were involved in a minor fender-bender that required them to get a new bumper.  These property damage claims are usually routine.  After all, the insurance company only has to pay you the fair market value of your property loss.  A bumper costs “X” amount.  A roof repair costs “X” amount.  The property loss can be properly turned into a firm number or dollar amount.

    What about when you are physically hurt in a wreck, though?  Do you know how much your broken elbow is worth?  Sure, you can ask for the bill from the hospital.  What about the pain and suffering you endured for that elbow injury?  What if your elbow is never the same?  Now, take that story even farther.  What if your spouse or child died in an accident?  How much is their life worth?  The insurance company is certainly going to place a value on that.

    Somewhere in America there is a room full of cubicles with people in them that do nothing but evaluate and place values on insurance claims (meaning your elbow or your loved one’s life).  This process does not occur at your insurance agent’s office.  You see, the insurance agents are the “relationship people” that sell your policies.  For the most part, they are all very good business people that do a great job for their insurance companies.  In order to retain business, they treat you great during all of your dealings.

    When an insurance claim takes place for injuries in an accident, the insurance companies don’t want any special relationships to exist; therefore, they assign a claims adjuster that is nothing like your insurance agent.  Claims adjusters usually show up in company cars to take pictures of your injuries.  Their job is to fairly evaluate your claim.  All too many times, the word “fair” does not come into the equation.

    Let’s think about the multi-billion dollar business of insurance for a minute.  Every single vehicle on the road is supposed to have an insurance policy on it.  Every single house that is mortgaged must have an insurance policy in place.  Any operating business is crazy not to have an insurance policy.  Think about it.  Almost EVERY thing in the World in insured.  This makes for a lot of multi-billion dollar insurance companies.  You pay them an insurance premium (i.e. a profit), and they hope that you do not have any claims (i.e. a loss).

    Yet, when a loss occurs, insurance companies try to keep it at a minimum.  Nickels and dimes.  Dimes and nickels.  The claims adjustment process for bodily injury claims is like dancing with a banana slug.  You are trying to hold on to something that is constantly moving.  When it feels like you are gaining traction in getting a fair settlement, the insurance company is usually taking away from something else.  What you are left with is less than fair value for the injuries you have sustained.  In essence, what you are left with is the amount that the insurance company believed your injured body part or deceased spouse or child are worth.

    Personal injury lawyers exist to help you get full and fair compensation from the multi-billion dollar insurance companies.  Just like divorce lawyers are there to get rid of your wife or husband, we are here to serve you by fighting for the justice you deserve against large corporations.  There are a lot of choices out there in the personal injury world.  Lester Tate, a famed (and old but don’t tell him I said that) lawyer from Cartersville refers to TV lawyers as personal injury lawyers touting their “Ginsu Knives Selling/Wal-Mart Style” of representation.  That is not what you need in a situation where you are fighting over injuries or death.  You need a personal injury law firm that is responsive and dedicated to your needs and picks up the telephone when you call.  Need to talk to a lawyer?  There will be one available at a true personal injury law firm like The Parian Law Firm, LLC.

    I cannot promise any cute TV commercials or jingles, but I can promise that each and every client of The Parian Law Firm, LLC will have top-notch legal representation from some of the most awarded personal injury attorneys in the state.  A dedicated team will be assembled that will assess and hopefully meet your every need.  We pride ourselves on being true to the cause.  Therefore, we won’t blow smoke up your….um, you know….we will tell you like it is.  This gives you the ability to see expectations.  Unlike the billion-dollar insurance companies, we won’t give you giggles and laughs if that is not what the entire process will be about.  We will, plain and simple, tell you like we see it.  Call (770) 727-5550 to speak with an experience personal injury attorney today.

    Proven. Personal. Parian.