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    Increased Xarelto Concerning

    Posted on - Monday, February 16, 2015 under Dangerous Drugs & Products

    Bayer & J&J Continue Pushing Xarelto Despite……..

    It appears that big business profit is overtaking the safety and well-being of Americans again.  Despite hundreds of lawsuits being filed in two federal courts, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and Johnson & Johnson, the maker and marketer of Xarelto,  have begun a study to test the effects of Xarelto on stroke patients.  Keep in mind that Xarelto raked in over $1.5 billion in sales just this past year despite thousands of reports of uncontrolled bleeds from the drug.  There is no known remedy that will stop an uncontrolled bleed when the patient is taking Xarelto.  Nevertheless, Bayer and J&J see it fit to continue marketing and selling their highly profitable, yet extremely dangerous, Xarelto product.

    The Atlanta Xarelto Attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC Take a Stand Against Dangerous Drug Manufacturers

    There is absolutely no reason for a known dangerous drug such as Xarelto to be introduced to even more patients.  Xarelto was billed as a superior alternative to Coumadin; however, it was little known that it may cause injury or death due to hemorrhaging or severe bleeding.  Despite knowing this fact now, Bayer & J&J want to introduce this drug to stroke patients as a replacement for aspirin.  Now is the time to let Xarelto caused injuries and deaths be known.  If you or someone you know has seen first-hand the dangerous side effects that Xarelto causes, call the Georgia Xarelto Attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC at (770) 727-5550 to discuss your possible claims.

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