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    Head-On Crash in Gwinnett Kills 2

    Posted on - Saturday, March 14, 2015 under Car Accident, Wrongful Death

    Head-On Collision in Gwinnett Kills 2

    Gwinnett County, on Monday morning, was the scene of a fatal head-on accident that claimed the lives of 2 people.  A lot of questions remain unanswered about the cause of the crash, but initial reports indicate that one of the drivers involved was driving close to 100 mph at the moment of the collision.  Witnesses described the sound of two vehicles hitting as “bomb-like.”

    The location of the wreck was Buford Drive just before its intersection with Georgia Highway 316.  According to Lawrenceville Police, the driver of the speeding Buick LeSabre crossed over into oncoming traffic for an unknown reason.  Upon crossing into traffic, the Buick LeSabre struck a white Toyota head on.  The drivers of both vehicles were killed upon impact.

    Head-On Car Crashes Are Among Most Violent

    The gravitational forces at work when two vehicles strike head-on are incredible.  This incredible force almost always causes injury, and in some cases like the one above, causes death.  In 2013 there were a reported 102 reported head-on collisions in Georgia.

    Prayers are needed for all of the people affected by this tragic Gwinnett County accident.  Proven. Personal. Parian.