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    Ethan Couch and his Mother’s Disgusting Move

    Posted on - Tuesday, December 29, 2015 under General

    I am baffled.  The news that the “Affluenza” teen, Ethan Couch, fled to the Mexican vacation haven of Puerto Vallarta with the help of his mother is disgusting.  Even more disgusting is the fact they had a “going away” party before fleeing.

    This kid killed four people while driving drunk.  He received a slap on the wrist (i.e. probation) for killing those four people.  His excuse?  His family was so rich he did not know right from wrong.  As my high school football coach would say, “Son, that is horse sh*t.”

    I am no criminal lawyer.  The in’s and out’s of the criminal consequences of Ethan Couch fleeing is not in my wheelhouse.

    However, I hope and pray that the families of those killed by this cowardly family use the civil justice system to get their day in court.

    In most states, minors are insured under one or more insurance policies issued to their parents.  In many instances, the recovery is limited only to what is available from the insurance companies.

    This case looks different.  You have a family that testified as a defense in a criminal matter that they were too rich for their child to know right from wrong.  I hope the civil lawyers involved in this matter nail Ethan Couch’s family to the wall by holding them financially accountable for the four horrible deaths that he caused.

    Lives were lost.  Those lives can live on by financially supporting those they leave behind.  Those monies can also be used to help ensure that this situation never happens again.

    This is just my two cents.