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    Elderly Man Charged in Motorcycle Accident

    Posted on - Tuesday, January 20, 2015 under Car Accident Elderly Man Charged in Motorcycle Accident

    An 85 year old former physician was charged with 2nd degree vehicular homicide stemming from a November 2014 motorcycle wreck in Savannah, Georgia. In the motorcycle accident, a local musician was killed in the accident and his 26-year old suffered catastrophic injuries. As with most motorcycle-car collisions, the occupants of the passenger car were not injured.

    The cause of the motorcycle accident was that the passenger vehicle ran a stop sign at a busy intersection. The motorcycle was t-boned by the car which caused the wrongful death and serious injuries to the motorcycle riders. As noted by the director of Senior Citizens’ Inc., “Cars are weapons. A little mistake can have tragic consequences.”

    We do not know whether the age of the car driver was a factor in this matter. In fact, we have no idea if any civil action has been filed related to this motorcycle wreck. We have addressed elderly drivers in a prior article on our website. Our opinions are not swung one way or the other about age’s effect on driving ability.

    All that we strive for as Motorcycle Accident Attorneys is for motorcycle riders, car drivers, and truck drivers to exercise caution while on the roads and highways of America. Motor vehicle accidents come in many shapes and forms. No matter what you or a loved one are driving, just recall that it is a large, heavy piece of equipment that can be made deadly with one little mistake.

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