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    Elderly Drivers & Driving Privileges | Parian Law Firm

    Posted on - Monday, January 12, 2015 under Car Accident

    It seems that this is a common discussion.  “Is there an age that people should not be able to drive?”  I can tell you that if I was to ask that question to my grandmother or my wife’s grandmother, I would be walking away with some form of injury.  Nevertheless, it is a topic that needs discussion.

    I read an article from the Asheville Citizen Times this morning discussing the topic.  The article noted a number of serious car accidents in the area involving elderly drivers.  But is there anything we can do?

    Here I Go Down The Slippery Slope of Talking about Elderly Drivers

    In my experience, most elderly people are good drivers.  Just like there are exceptions for young people, there are exceptions in the elderly population.  The human body naturally slows down as you age.  Reflexes, blood flow, and every thing in between.  Most people begin driving slower as they age.  Slow driving can be just as hazardous as speeding.  In many areas, there are minimum speed limits that must be met to be on the roads.

    With all of that said, can we really police all elderly drivers?  Presumably, they must pass the same driving tests we must pass to obtain a driver’s license.  Hopefully, the elderly people or a caring family member is making sure that medical care is adequate.  I just don’t think there is a way to police the problem……if it even is one!

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