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    Do I Have A Defective Hip Implant?

    Posted on - Friday, January 16, 2015 under Dangerous Drugs & Products, Medical Malpractice

    Defective Hip Implant Devices

    Hip Implants have been a hot topic of late.  There have been recalls of hundreds of thousands of hip implant devices over the last few years.  See the FDA site on recalled hip implant devices here.  The hip implant recalls were warranted because the devices led to many patients having revision surgeries (or “redo” surgeries) due to the devices failing.  With the ever-increasing number of cases where patients are having hip replacement surgeries redone, the public is concerned as they should be.

    Main Medical Device Companies Manufacturing Hip Implants

    • DePuy Synthes – a Division of Johnson & Johnson;
    • Stryker Corporation;
    • Biomet, Inc. – Zimmer recently purchased Biomet for $14 billion;
    • Zimmer, Inc.;
    • Wright Medical, Inc. – Now owned by MicroPort Scientific Corporation; and
    • Smith & Nephew, plc.

    When medical devices are recalled, such as hip implants, the company manufacturing the defective medical device, must issue a letter to physicians, patients, and insurance companies about such.  However, the truth is that the medical device companies cannot pinpoint when and where every one of their devices were implanted.

    How to Determine if You Have a Recalled Medical Device

    The United States Food & Drug Administration has a searchable database for patients to use if they know the manufacturer, make, and model of their medical devices.    If you or a loved one has gone through surgery to install a medical device and do not know which device you have; you should contact the physician that installed the device and ask for the manufacturer, make, and model of every part of the medical device used.

    What to Do if Your Medical Device, Such as a Hip Implant, Has Been Recalled

    If you discover, after doing research on your installed medical device, that it has been recalled, you should contact your doctor immediately.  Ask that he or she contact the device maker and/or the FDA to get the right answers on what needs to be done to fix the problems with your device.

    You should also speak to an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries caused by your defective medical device, such as a hip implant.  Medical device manufacturers routinely try various ways to limit legal options of their patients.  Most medical device recalls require that a patient takes action in some form to receive compensation.  This is the most important reason that you should speak with a defective medical device attorney.

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