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    Causes of Takata Airbag Failures Still Unknown

    Posted on - Thursday, January 15, 2015 under Car Accident

    The CEO of Takata Corporation announced that the company is still investigating the causes of the airbag explosions that have caused 5 deaths and over 24 million vehicles to be recalled by auto manufacturers.  This is the first statement from the CEO of the corporation that prides itself on manufacturing vehicle safety products.

    This is unacceptable.  Most companies do not introduce products to the marketplace until all tests are performed insuring their safety to the consumer.  Most product recalls are for a specific portion of the products meaning for certain products manufactured in a single factory or with a single defective part.


    Your vehicle is sold as having a number of safety features such as the airbag.  Auto manufacturers consistently tell the masses of their vehicle’s safety.  The Takata airbag recall take a vital piece of that safety away.  Takata and its suppliers should be doing every thing in their power to get an answer immediately.

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