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    Can I Choose My Own Doctor After a Work Injury?

    Posted on - Wednesday, January 13, 2016 under Workers Compensation

    After a work injury, you’re going to want to get medical care. One of the primary benefits of Georgia’s workers’ compensation system is the payment of medical and rehabilitation costs so you can get better and get back to work.

    But when your employer or their workers’ comp insurer is paying for your treatment, do they get to tell you where to get it or can you see your own doctor?

    The answer is that, except in cases of emergency, you need to see a physician approved by your employer for the costs to be covered by workers’ compensation. You can, of course, see your own physician if you choose, but those bills will be your responsibility, as many if not most workplace injuries are not covered by health insurance.

    Somewhere in your workplace should be a posted list of health care providers and facilities approved by your employer for treatment of work-related injuries. On that list will be the name, address, phone number, and specialty of at least six qualified physicians. The list must include one orthopedic surgeon, a minority physician and four other properly qualified physicians.

    Alternatively, your employer may post information for an approved Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization (WC/MCO) where you may have a much larger choice of treating physicians from many different specialties.

    You get to make the choice of your doctor from either the list of approved doctors or the physicians at the WC/MCO. If it turns out you want to get a different doctor after being treated by your first choice, you can make one change to another doctor on the list without getting approval from your employer. Any subsequent change of physician will require your employer’s consent.

    As noted, in the case of an emergency, you can get treatment at the nearest ER or similar facility. However, once the emergency has passed, and further treatment must be provided by one of the doctor’s on your employer’s list in order for the costs of that treatment to be covered by workers’ compensation.

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