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    Posted on - Tuesday, April 21, 2015 under General

    An article by Jess Bidgood in today’s New York Times points out alarming racial profiling statistics within the Boston Police Department.  Data shows that between 2007 and 2010, nearly two-thirds of those stopped, searched, or observed by the Boston PD were black.  Boston, Mass. is only 25% black in terms of demographic population.

    When presented with the studies’ findings, the Boston PD issued their own response.  Peeling away all of the public relations jargon of the release, we are left with one point.  The Boston PD admits that there was racial disparity.  They have allegedly put plans in place to address the issue by providing training and other education to their officers.

    Police shootings are in the national news.  The situations in Ferguson and St. Louis all involved the shooting of a black person by a law enforcement officer.  The vast majority of police shootings are warranted.  I am a believer that police have the public’s best interests at heart.  Do I believe that police drive around looking for black people to shoot?  No.  Yet, a few bad apples can poison any well.

    I can’t help but wonder what the data would show in other police departments around the United States.  I receive calls daily from persons accused of committing crimes.  While I cannot say that the vast majority of those persons are black, I can say that I have represented black people that I felt were wrongly accused by police officers.  Do you feel that police in your area target black people?  It’s an honest question to ask your city leaders.  You must demand an honest answer.

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