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    3 Reasons Your Workers’ Comp Claim Could Be Denied

    Posted on - Friday, May 13, 2016 under Workers Compensation 3 Reasons Your Workers’ Comp Claim Could Be Denied

    Just because you’ve filed a claim for Georgia worker’s compensation benefits doesn’t mean you will get them. Employers and their worker’s comp insurers would prefer not to pay benefits and will deny a claim if they can find any reason to do so. An experienced Georgia worker’s compensation attorney can help you get you your benefits if your claim has been wrongfully denied. Sometimes, however, employees make mistakes and either do or don’t do certain things that can cause an employer to object to a claim. Sometimes, the nature of the accident that caused the injury will cause an employer to claim that it wasn’t “work-related”

    Here are three big reasons why your employer may fight and deny your claim for Georgia worker’s compensation benefits:

    • Failure to Provide Notice. You have an obligation to advise your employer of a workplace accident or injury as soon as possible after it has occurred. If you wait too long to notify your employer, you can lose your right to pursue a claim or the employer may assert that they were prejudiced by your failure to provide timely notice. Provide written notice to your supervisor,
    • HR department or other appropriate people in your organization as soon as you can.
      Failure to Get Medical Attention. As with any kind of injury, a workplace injury can be made worse if you fail to get immediate medical attention. If you don’t go see a doctor, your employer may claim that means you were not actually injured. Except in cases of emergency, you need to see a physician approved by your employer for the costs to be covered by workers’ compensation. You can, of course, see your own physician if you choose, but those bills will be your responsibility, as many if not most workplace injuries are not covered by health insurance.
    • Bottom line: if you’ve been hurt, see a doctor.
    • Messing Around On the Job. If your injury was caused in whole or in part because you were doing something manifestly unreasonable or against the rules, you may not be eligible for worker’s comp coverage. Examples include:
    • An injury caused while violating or disregarding safety rules
    • An injury caused by horseplay
    • An injury sustained while intoxicated

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