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    Atlanta Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

    Garbage trucks, which are often much larger than the typical passenger vehicle, can cause extensive damage to physical property and/or severe injury and those involved in such accidents may experience long-term, or permanent, costs. Garbage trucks, which are a type of large truck meaning they have the potential to affect people’s lives in the long and short-term.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015, 86 percent of large trucks involved in fatal traffic accidents were large trucks weighing over 26,000 pounds. Garbage trucks typically weigh over 50,000 pounds, and, as such, accidents involving them can be catastrophic. Therefore, the counsel of an adept Atlanta garbage truck accident lawyer can be invaluable in an effort to receive compensation.

    Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents in Atlanta

    An experienced Atlanta garbage truck accident attorney can help afflicted parties recover compensatory damages following accidents caused by one, or more, of the following:

    • Distracted or negligent driving
    • Speeding, tailgating, and failing to yield
    • Inexperienced or unqualified driving
    • Improperly maintained truck
    • Aggressive driving
    • Improperly loaded or overloaded cargo
    • Failure to obey traffic signs and signals

    These examples of negligence may lead directly or indirectly to severe garbage truck accidents. Parties suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of a garbage truck driver or company can seek useful legal advice from a diligent lawyer.

    Examples of Injuries from Crashes

    Many traffic accidents can result in serious injuries to parties involved. Garbage trucks, in particular, have the potential to cause expansive property damage. However, more dire consequences may arise in the form of injuries incurred as a result of a garbage truck accident. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Burns, which are common in incidents involving large trucks carrying more fuel than the average vehicle
    • Internal injuries, such as bleeding and organ damage
    • Equipment-related injuries, such as airbag or seatbelt injuries
    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), such as concussions and brain hemorrhages

    Private Vs. Publicly Owned Trucks

    In Georgia, whether a garbage truck is publicly owned or owned by a private company may make a difference in the case. In many instances, local (city and county) government, may be exempt from liability, regardless of what actions were the driver of the garbage truck took.

    However, since many garbage trucks in Georgia are operated by private companies which either may be large companies or subsidiaries of a larger corporation, the compensatory damages that an afflicted party may be entitled to can range from thousands to millions of dollars.

    An Atlanta Garbage Truck Attorney May Assist

    Since the injuries stemming from garbage truck accidents can require extensive therapy, loss of life quality, and wide-ranging medical costs, you may want to speak with an attorney dedicated to discovering and exploring any and all potential routes to recovery.

    An Atlanta garbage truck attorney can help you explore your options by thoroughly examining the facts of your case and explaining your rights. Call today to set up a consultation.