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    Thanks to Subway, Georgia Student Almost Gets a Frog in Her Throat

    Posted on - Tuesday, August 8, 2017 under Safety Tips Thanks to Subway, Georgia Student Almost Gets a Frog in Her Throat

    As it is often portrayed in television and the movies, finding something in your food is considered comedy. But the reality can be far more traumatic than popular culture leads people to believe and it certainly is not funny when it happens to you.

    Just recently, Tiyanna Johnson, a University of West Georgia student, was eating lunch at a Subway restaurant in Bowdon, Georgia. She had ordered a salad and had begun eating it, when she discovered that along with the usual assortment of lettuce, peppers, and cucumbers, her salad also contained a real-life frog among the greens.

    Ms. Johnson then quickly lost her lunch figuratively and brought the situation to the restaurant’s attention.

    Personal injury attorney Cade Parian commented, “Food safety issues like this are no laughing matter. One in six Americans will get food poisoning this year alone.”

    The incident is significant not just because of the obvious gross-out factor, but serious sickness and disease can spread and be contracting by people due to the negligence of not just the people and companies packing the food, but also the establishment preparing and serving the food as well.

    As Ms. Johnson contemplates possible legal action, all corporations involved in the food service industry should be mindful of their responsibilities when it comes to ensuring the safety of the people who they are selling their products to.

    Parian continued, “A lot of the food in America is now processed and packaged by machines. The result of this mass production is that sometimes you find things, such as a frog, in places it should never be. It is simply nauseating.”

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