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    How do Truck Drivers Cause Big-Rig Accidents? Let Me Count the Ways.

    Posted on - Monday, February 1, 2016 under Truck Accidents

    There are many reasons for the tens of thousands of tragic tractor-trailer accidents that happen every year. Many of the incidents are caused by mechanical failures. However, the vast majority are the result of driver error, negligence or other factors directly attributable to the acts or condition of the person behind the wheel of the big-rig.

    A comprehensive study of the causes of trucking accidents by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that a full 89% of truck accidents were attributable to the driver in some way.

    The list of driver-associated causes contained in the study was lengthy, illustrating how many ways big-rigs and their drivers can cause accidents. In many tractor-trailer accidents, multiple factors may combine to lead to a crash.

    In descending order, the top 20 driver-related factors involved in big-rig accidents were:

    • Prescription Drug Use
    • Traveling Too Fast For Conditions
    • Unfamiliar with Roadway
    • Over-the-Counter Drug Use
    • Inadequate Surveillance
    • Fatigue
    • Illegal Maneuver
    • Inattention
    • Exterior Distraction
    • Inadequate Evasive Action
    • Aggressive Driving Behavior
    • Unfamiliar with Vehicle
    • Following Too Closely
    • False Assumption of Others’ Actions
    • Under Pressure to Accept Additional Loads
    • Conversation
    • Under Pressure to Operate Even If Fatigued
    • Misjudgment of Gap Distance
    • In a Hurry Prior to Crash
    • Illness
    • Interior Distraction
    • Illegal Drug Use
    • Uncomfortable with Some Aspect of Vehicle or Load
    • Self-Induced Legal Work Pressure
    • Required to Accept Short Notice Trips
    • Work Schedule Pressure
    • Upset Prior to Crash
    • Alcohol Use

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