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    Thanks for Representing Me, But……..Ya Fired – The Parian Law Firm, LLC – Injury Lawyers

    Posted on - Thursday, July 24, 2014 under General

    Ever hear anyone say this about their attorney?  “I can’t get the guy/girl to call me back!”  “The only person that I am able to talk to is the paralegal!”  “My attorney is pressuring me into settling my claim.”  “My attorney’s associate always says he has to ask my attorney!”

    I admit to hearing the above complaints.  I can even say that I was directly involved in causing such an answer!  However, you should never feel you are not your attorneys’ top priority.  After all, you hired your attorney to speak on and represent your interests.  In the personal injury context, trust should be the top priority.  After all, you want your attorney to FIGHT for every penny you are rightfully entitled to.

    So what do you do when you lose faith in your present counsel?  Luckily, you are not stuck.  Take a look at the contract you executed with the attorney.  It probably lays out the procedure for ending the relationship.  You will most likely be “on the hook” to compensate the attorney for the fair and reasonable value of the time he or she spent on the case.  Such cost must be evaluated prior to ending the relationship.  Depending on the amount of such, it may cause issues with retaining another attorney.

    If you do decide to terminate your lawyer, do so in writing.  The letter should set forth and document any conduct or reasons supporting your decision.  It should also give instruction as to where he or she needs to send your file.

    Bear in mind that if you do fire your attorney, you MUST be extremely picky with which firm you retain next.  You want to hire the attorney with the highest level of competence dealing with the issues involved in your case.  Keep in mind that some states do not require the attorney to turn over his “work product” or mental impressions or theories of the case. Do not threaten your lawyer with legal action or a reporting to the bar association. This will only strengthen his resolve to intervene into your case and recover the entirety of his fee.

    Treat the unpleasant task for firing your lawyer professionally.  Hopefully, the lawyer will respond likewise.  After all, good lawyers value their reputations.  The best lawyers want only what is in their client’s best interests.  If their client hiring another lawyer better serves that client, then such lawyer should be happy to relinquish the case for the good of the client.

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