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    Snapchat Sued in Georgia for Causing Reckless Driving

    Posted on - Monday, June 6, 2016 under Car Accident Snapchat Sued in Georgia for Causing Reckless Driving

    Texting is not the only way that using a cellphone can lead to horrific car accidents. Sending e-mails or surfing the web can be just as deadly. So it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what can happen when a driver uses an app on their phone to take a picture solely to show the world how dangerously fast they are driving.

    What happened on an Atlanta highway was a terrible accident and traumatic brain injuries caused by a driver who was going 113 miles per hour while trying to capture the moment using a “speed filter” on the social media app Snapchat. The speed filter lets people share how fast they’re traveling while they take selfies and awards a “trophy” to users who post pics showing off their speed.

    That’s according to a recently filed lawsuit against the driver as well as Snapchat. The suit, filed by former Uber driver Wentworth Maynard, says Snapchat was “the critical cause” of the violent collision that left Maynard with serious brain injuries and weeks of hospitalization.

    Maynard and his wife were merging onto a highway near Atlanta Sept. 10 when they were struck by Christal McGee who was recklessly barreling down the road at more than 100 mph while taking selfies using Snapchat.

    The filter “facilitated McGee’s excessive speeding” and “distracted” her in the moments before the crash, the lawsuit says.

    There is a whole lot of awfulness in this story, from driving 113 mph in a 55 mph zone to being encouraged to do so by a cell phone app to gloating about your recklessness by taking a selfie behind the wheel. If you’re a parent of a teenager, they no doubt use Snapchat. Just make sure they don’t use it while driving.

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