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Single Vehicle Crash Claims 2 Teenage Lives

Posted on - Wednesday, January 21, 2015 under Car Accident, Wrongful Death Single Vehicle Crash Claims 2 Teenage Lives

Passengers Have Rights in Car Accidents Too
Three teenagers were traveling down a rural road in Franklin County, Georgia when the driver of the vehicle ran off the shoulder of the road, over-corrected the vehicle, and caused it to flip and hit a tree. The two passengers in the truck were killed in the single car accident, and the driver sustained serious injuries.

The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the matter; however, it is possible that the teenage driver will be charged criminally for the car accident. This is something that no parent, or child for that matter, should have to deal with in life. I have been told first-hand by parents of lost children that the pain never goes away; it only numbs as time goes by.

Although the teenagers in this accident have moved to their heavenly home, it does not mean that their lives are to be forgotten. In situations other than DUI accidents, Passengers in vehicles have no expectation that they are subjecting themselves to a dangerous ride. For that reason, passengers that suffer injuries — or in the Franklin County, Georgia case death — can seek financial compensation for the injuries sustained. In the case of passengers that are killed, their estate can seek financial compensation for their lost life. Their families then have the ability to cover any medical expenses, pay any burial costs, and possibly start a not-for-profit to educate others about the dangers that caused their loved one’s death.

As a personal injury lawyer, I believe our calling is to make the world a safer place. I am sure that almost all of the drivers that injured or killed their passengers did not do so with any intent. My job is to make sure that the victims’ families are fully compensated for the life they lost. With that money, they can extend the legacy of their loved one by doing something good with monies. Hopefully, at the same time, they are finding forgiveness in their hearts for the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident.

This is my hope.

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