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Posted on - Saturday, March 21, 2015 under Medical Malpractice

Elisabeth Rosenthal, a physician who writes for the New York Times, wrote a lengthy article on Sunday about ways that hospitals and physician practices are increasing their revenues.  The examples she points out in her article are absolutely amazing.  Well-known physicians and hospitals calling in extra bodies, without consent from the patient, offer their services — unbeknown to the patient that is sedated — during surgical procedures.  While doctors will no doubt go on the defensive saying that there are times when an additional hand is needed in the operating room to adequately care for a patient, there are certainly other times where that extra hand is brought in to increase the hospital’s and/or physician’s bottom line.  It is a despicable but true practice that is no doubt becoming more prevalent in the tighter healthcare economic climate.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for many law firms.  Have you ever looked at a bill from your lawyer?  Take a look next time you receive a bill from a lawyer that you are paying on an hourly basis.  If you are “lucky” enough to hire one of the big firms, you will no doubt see billable entries by a senior partner, junior partner, associate, paralegal, secretary, and sometimes the college kid that is a runner!  Some mid-sized and small firms charge for every sheet of paper your case uses or for each and every $0.48 stamp that is used to send correspondence in your case.

Some large corporations and others have caught on to the billing practices of law firms.  Some law firms have adapted by developing alternative billing models.  Others have abandoned the billable hour and now charge on a task-based model.  Sadly, the vast majority of law firms out there still thrive on sending the detailed bill.

Pay attention to your medical and legal bills.  Challenge the hospitals, physicians, and lawyers to tell you why they charge the way they charge.  As evidenced by Dr. Rosenthal’s article, it is time for both the medical and legal profession to take pause and adjust to the economy like so many others have done.

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