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    Car Crash Claims with State Farm

    Posted on - Monday, June 7, 2021 under Car Accident

    One of the biggest car insurance companies in Georgia is State Farm. Being one of the biggest means that you are more likely to be in a wreck with someone insured by State Farm. When filing a car crash claim with State Farm, many wonder if this company is hard to deal with. According to Carrollton car wreck lawyer Cade Parian this depends. Some State Farm insurance adjusters are pains because they are not experienced enough to see a real injury as opposed to someone who is simply looking to “turn their wreck into a check.”

    Can You File a Car Wreck Claim with State Farm Yourself?

    If your car wreck injuries are simple and straightforward, there is honestly no danger in trying to resolve your car wreck claim without an attorney. Some people simply do not want to deal with the hassle. However, we have found at injury law firm of The Parian Law Firm, LLC that people start running into insurance adjusters trying to take advantage of them with crashes involving DUIs or medical bills of more than $5,000.00. State Farm car wreck insurance adjusters are banking on the fact that most people will not hire a lawyer to represent them. Our team could give you a full and honest assessment of whether we can help with your State Farm car wreck claim. If we do not think we can help, we will tell you that truth. Some of the arguments that State Farm Insurance adjusters may use include:

    • They will say they only have to pay the remaining balance of your medical bills (after health insurance or other payments). This is not the law in Georgia. You are entitled to payment of all your medical bills from State Farm.
    • If you lost wages, State Farm insurance adjusters almost always offer less than you have proven. Again this is not the law in Georgia.
    • Insurance adjusters will also tell you they will not pay for all of your chiropractic or physical therapy bills because (in the adjuster’s opinion) you went too much.

    People involved in car crashes with State Farm insured wonder whether these adjusters will settle a claim fairly. In all but rare instances, State Farm will try their best to settle with you (without a lawyer involved) for pennies on the dollar. Therefore, the real question is whether State Farm will settle a claim for a fair number when a lawyer is involved.

    Factors for State Farm Settlement Without a Lawsuit

    1. Does your lawyer actually go to trial versus settle everything like a TV lawyer?
    2. Does your car have a minor scratch or big damage?
    3. Do you have a visible injury? This means you can see it with testing, x-rays, etc.
    4. Was the car accident clearly the other person’s fault?
    5. Did the person that caused the crash get a DUI?
    6. Have you had prior injuries to the same body part?

    Those factors cause State Farm to treat your claim differently. State Farm usually assigns it to an experienced adjuster who earns accolades within the company for saving money on potentially high value claims. Experienced State Farm insurance adjusters are pretty good at identifying the low end of a settlement range

    State Farm uses computer technology to evaluate claims. Insurance adjusters plug medical bills and treatment codes into this computer system and then check boxes for the above-mentioned factors. The system then spits out a valuation. While there is no actual mathematical formula for evaluating car accident claims, State Farm does its best to treat your case as just another number.

    Speak with a Car Wreck Attorney About Filing a Claim with State Farm

    State Farm has some of the most frustrating in-house lawyers. They are noticeably overworked. All the attorneys at The Parian Law Firm, LLC were once insurance defense attorneys. We know the feeling of frustration for State Farm attorneys. If you have to file a car crash claim with State Farm, call us to discuss your case.