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Alarming Medical Malpractice News

Posted on - Monday, September 15, 2014 under Medical Malpractice Alarming Medical Malpractice News

CBS News recently wrote an article pointing out the rather lax policing of doctors. There are situations all across America where physicians are still practicing medicine despite having been part of multiple medical malpractice claims. This is a scary realization that has been exposed.

This piece illuminates the importance of seeking the best possible medical care. There are lots of resources that you can use on the internet to determine whether your health care provider has been subject to any potential malpractice claims. In Georgia, look to the Georgia Composite Medical Board website at and in Alabama look to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners & Medical Licensure Commission website at Last but not least, use your favorite search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) and simply put your doctor’s name in the search box. These steps should give you some assurance that your doctor is one of the best around.

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