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    Logging Truck Accident in Villa Rica | Carrollton

    Posted on - Monday, January 26, 2015 under Truck Accidents

    The local newspaper in Carrollton, GA, the Times-Georgian, has a scary picture of a crash between a passenger car and semi logging truck that occurred on January 21, 2015.  (Photo Above From Times-Georgian Photographer David Patten).  The local news website, The Carrollton Menu, began reporting on the accident soon after it occurred.  According to the newspaper article, a 43 year-old Carrollton man was life flighted from the scene to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates INTERSTATE trucking, which includes the trucks that cross state lines in their travel.  Georgia has adopted many of those regulations for 18 wheelers operating INTRASTATE, or within the state lines of Georgia.  Unfortunately, logging trucks fall into a series of exemptions regarding their in-state operation.

    Carrollton & Carroll County are important to the forestry industry in Georgia.  Thousands of logging trucks travel on the Carroll County highways, including Highway 61, on their way to drop their loads at paper plants in the area.  These logging trucks are frequently involved in accidents in Carroll County.

    There are some increased regulations for drivers carrying unmanufactured forest products, such as raw trees, etc.  Most important is the requirement for lighting on and around the end of trees hanging off the back of a trailer.  These regulations can be found here.

    Logging Truck accidents are all too common in West Georgia, Carrollton, & Carroll County.  As a personal injury lawyer handling logging truck wrecks, my goal is to hold logging companies and pulp wooders accountable to be sure they operate safely in Carrollton and Carroll County.

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