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    Honest Answers from an Atlanta GA Personal Injury Attorney

    Posted on - Tuesday, July 7, 2015 under Personal Injury

    Most Common Questions to Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Cade Parian

    Despite my attempts to bury the rumor that generates so many personal injury lawyer jokes; I am afraid that I can’t. Yes, by far the two most asked questions by personal injury clients to my law firm are:

    1. How much money will I get?; and
    2. When will I get my money?

    There is no denying that fact.  I hear those two questions daily.  Although those questions may seem easy to answer, they simply are not.  Every single case that comes through the door of The Parian Law Firm, LLC is different.  I will give you my best answer to those questions at the end of this article.

    The Goals of Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Cade Parian For Your Case

    As a personal injury attorney, I am wired to care for others.  My job is to hear the facts of your case, evaluate those facts, and offer a recommended strategy for dealing with your issues.  I take on your case with one goal in mind.  Put together not just a legal team to work for you, but a Super Bowl winning legal team to demolish the competition.

    I am just one man (although my friends would say one and a half men).  Your injuries deserve the attention of not just me, but also a mixture of other paralegals, investigators, and attorneys who will see to it that you get sufficient value for your injuries.

    What Are Insurance & Pharmaceutical Companies Doing With Your Claim?

    On the flip side, there is an insurance company or pharmaceutical company out there that likely already has your situation on its radar.  Both insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have become quite savvy in keeping their finger to the pulse of personal injury lawyers.  They have corporate departments dedicated to keeping their eyes on The Parian Law Firm, LLC and many other personal injury firms of America.  How do I know?  I look at my website analytics.  It looks like a “Who’s Who of Fortune 500 Companies.”  Those folks are not looking to me for stock tips!!!!

    These companies are, for the most part, publicly traded companies.  They have one goal.  Make MORE money.  They attempt to gain the upper hand by gaining as much information as they can prior to you hiring a personal injury attorney.  Wonder why an insurance adjuster is one of the first people you hear from asking for a recorded statement?

    These companies all have jingles and jollies to make you feel good about them.  (Yes, I know.  Some personal injury attorneys do too…….)  No matter if an insurance company is your “good neighbor” or if a pharmaceutical company promises you the sun, moon, and stars of yesteryear, they are simply big business seeking to make a big profit.

    Why Are Our Atlanta GA Personal Injury Attorneys Different From the Rest?

    There are many options out there in the personal injury attorney field.  It seems like all lawyers sell themselves as taking on personal injury cases.

    The Yellow Pages – which for you young bucks out there is a book that contains phone numbers – is full of “Legal Eagles” that tout their ability to “Dispense Justice” on the people that hurt you.  There is one Georgia law firm that says it only takes “One Call.”  Many of those law firms, in fact, are capable of representing you in your personal injury action.

    Yet, let me know when you speak to a personal injury attorney for the first time.  A lot of the high volume personal injury law firms out there have intake departments spread out across America.  Oftentimes, you are required to talk to an intake specialist, case manager, and paralegal before talking to an attorney.

    Speak to Personal Injury Attorney Cade Parian When Calling His Law Firm

    Every single person that calls or chats online with my office gets to talk to me.  Why?  I personally want to hear your story.

    That may sound like I spend a lot of time on the telephone.  Frankly, I do.  I also spend a lot of time visiting clients all over America who put their faith in me and my team to fight big money corporations.  I have logged many airline miles getting to know my clients.

    Personal interaction is a big part of what makes our team excel.  Never be afraid to call or e-mail.  I will personally see to it that you are taken care of in a timely manner.