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    Electrical Shock Injuries and Electrocution

    Posted on - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 under Personal Injury

    All of us have thought about this question at some point in our lives.  What is the worst possible way to die?  My answer is easy.  It would involve hundreds of snakes or cows.  Yes, I am terrified of cows.  However, some of the most heart-wrenching injuries I have witnessed involved electrical shock injury or electrocution, as it is commonly known.

    I am a child of the electrical industry.  My father and uncles were both in the electrical products industry.  Both of my brothers presently work in the electrical industry.  Prior to attending law school, I worked the counter at Mayer Electric Supply, one of the nation’s largest electrical product distributors.  I can recall accidents where a customer of mine either lost a limb or was killed by an unknown electrical current.

    There are many side effects of being exposed to electrical current.  They can include cardiovascular problems, permanent nerve damage, psychiatric problems, and brain damage.  Of course, that all depends on whether the victim was lucky enough to survive.  Unfortunately, many victims of electrocution do not survive and their loved ones are left to pick up the pieces and wonder what could have been done, if anything, to prevent the electrocution wrongful death.

    While this is not an exhaustive list, it does point out possible causes of an electrical shock injury or wrongful death by electrocution.

    –          Accidental Contact with an Overhead Power Line

    –          Defective Wiring in a Product

    –          Electrical Arcs that Flash from High-Voltage Power Lines and other more common household wires

    –          Accidental Contact with Exposed Electrical Parts

    –          Industrial and Factory Electric Shock

    –          Exposed Wiring in Swimming Pools

    –          Extension Cords with Exposed Wiring

    Electrical shock injuries and electrocutions can be complicated because they often times involve state and federal regulation (i.e. OSHA), state and federal law (i.e. workers compensation & tort laws), and so forth.

    One of my very first cases out of law school involved a person cooking french fries at a national fast food restaurant.  It was raining that day and water was coming through the drive-thru window directly next to the french fry cooker.  The victim made a single step to her right and was fatally executed by the water being in contact with an exposed wire in the french fry cooker.  The victim’s family recovered for her death and rightfully so.

    Other instances include an airline pilot suffering electrical shock injuries while taking a shower in a hotel and a coast guard security officer suffering severe injuries while standing on the deck of a boat.  No matter the circumstances surrounding the electrical shock injuries and/or death, potential claims need to be evaluated by a lawyer and law firm experienced with electrical currents.

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